Our Landoll 440 Tilt Top Trailer is 50' long and 8'6" wide. Even though it is rated at 40 tons by the manufacturer to keep in compliance with Arizona DOT axle weight limits we are able to legal up to 70,000 lbs.  We use this trailer to haul buses, smaller scrapers, backhoes loaders, asphalt pavers, curb machines water trucks and compaction rollers


This trailer is another specialty trailer in which the axles roll forward and the bed tips up in the front to allow the tail of the trailer to sit directly on the ground. Because the tail of the trailer sits on the ground to load, the load angle is much less than that of a dove tail trailer or a trailer with special ramps.  Loading pavers and curb machines becomes safer for both the machine and the operator on this trailer.  To load the machine on this trailer all you have to do is simply drive it up, there are no break over points or sharp inclines.  We also use this trailer for recovering broke down buses, trucks and other equipment.  With the winch and remote, we are able to steer the broke down unit directly up the trailer and into place where we can safely chain it down and transport it to the repair shop where we back it into place and winch the unit off the trailer.



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