Our lowboys also known as Removable Goose Necks (RGNs) are 3 axle and rated for 55 tons by the manufacturer.  The trailers are 8' 6" wide with outriggers available, and 24' of deck space in the well.  We are able to place up to 75,000 lbs of pay load on these trailers and stay within our axle weight restrictions within the state of Arizona.  The RGN is our most utilized piece of equipment.  We haul loaders, excavators, water trucks and just about anything else you can think of...we have even hauled cell tower power buildings and snow cats on this piece of equipment.


The RGN is a unique piece of equipment in the fact that the front of the trailer or the goose neck detaches from the trailer and we load the equipment from the front.  It has a low ground clearance for hauling tall equipment as well as providing a low center of gravity. 



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