Our Murray 16 Tire Expando is the second to largest heavy haul trailer in our fleet.  Empty weight of the trailer is a mere 17,500 lbs. 21' in the well and 8'6" wide deck.  The rear of the trailer literally has 16 tires across two rows of tires, the rear of the trailer will expand out to 10' wide which gives us a larger payload carrying/capacity.  Payload for this trailer with the axles expanded out to 10' wide is up to 85,000 lbs.  Experienced drivers and heavy equipment operators will load this trailer directly over the rear axles of the trailer and move it to the well of the trailer.  Being able to load over the rear of the trailer greatly reduces load time and adds a great option for tight areas.  Go to our YouTube link under photo gallery to watch us load excavators and dozers on this trailer.

Generally restricted to use for only the larger excavators, dozers and loaders this trailer is excellent for hauling a CAT 336 excavator or a  John Deer 1050 J Dozer because the load fits great on the trailer and with the extra wheels and brakes the driver is able to pull the load with confidence.




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