Weenie Wagon Event

Our "Weenie Wagon" event was a great success.  I have to extend another thank you and applause to APS and Carl for the excellent demonstration that they put on for us.  We had 45 people in attendance at the event and all the response was great.  I believe everyone when home from the event with something to think about.  I heard rumor that a couple of the companies who attended are looking to have the event hosted at their locations in Phoenix so their other employees may benefit from the training.

Carl showed us what happens when we come into contact with electricity at 7,000 volts.  He also spent time making sure we understood that we can be killed with voltage much less than what comes out of your outlets in your home.  The grapefruit demonstrated what happens to your insides when you are electrocuted....that was quite an eye opener.

Transport Equipment would like to wish Carl the best of luck as he is retiring from APS in the very near future.  We also hope APS will continue with the "Weenie Wagon" training as it is invaluable to every industry, profession and household.  I believe that there is no way to compute how many lives this program has saved because many of us make sure we are in no way in danger of coming into contact with power lines after seeing Carl's demonstration.

Thank you!


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