We are at that time of year again!!! Road Check 2015 will be held on I-40 in the vicinity of Flagstaff Arizona.  The rest area between Bellemont and Parks, AZ will be utilized as the pull in for all Commercial Vehicles.  All trucks in both directions will be required to pull in and be inspected by ADOT Enforcement and/or Arizona DPS.  In addition to the pull in at the rest area there will be roaming officers that will be pulling trucks over along I-40 and I-17. 

The Arizona Trucking Association will also be hosting a "Share the Road" display which allows the motoring public the opportunity to "take a seat" in one of the big trucks and get an understanding of what the truck driver sees and what he does not see. This event will be at the Walmart on Huntington Drive in Flagstaff.  In addition to Share the Road DPS has a Driver Awareness (DART) display at the Little America truck stop to help dirvers with logbook regulations and answer questions that drivers may have to keep them in compliance.

I have the privilege to ride with the roaming officers and those on the road side through the Arizona Trucking Association.  It is a great chance for me to get a look into what the law enforcement community's concerns are and what they are looking for.  Each year it seems that there are different violations they are focusing on due to incidents and trends they have identified with in the industry.

A big thanks goes out to the Arizona Trucking Association and the law enforcement community for allowing the industry to be a part of this annual event.