No matter how good your equipment, how nice your web site, or how wonderful your product, you have absolutely nothing without the proper people to drive your organization. Our people are the one asset you cannot just replace.  We have the best staff of drivers and office personnel in Northern Arizona.  All of us pride ourselves on our abilities, safety record and integrity.  We keep our integrity at all levels of our lives.  Each of us know we have a job to do and we also know that our customers call us to do the work because of our ethics, ability to get it done and our fairness in billing and other dealings we have.  Each of the drivers, at one time or another have stated that it is just not worth breaking the law for any reason.  That comment is vital to the ethics that the company as a whole adheres to.  Know that we have the best people on this mountain and on any other mountain for that matter.  I as the manager am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with these great people.

--Steven Bushman--


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